Getting to your interview in Bangkok

Getting to your interview in Bangkok

Bangkok is a thriving and bustling city and for foreigners, visiting for the first time, navigating through its complex road links can be difficult. Bangkok’s traffic is notorious. At any time of the day you can get caught in a traffic holdup that can waste a lot of your valuable time. If you are planning to get to an interview in Bangkok you must update yourself on the smartest and the shortest routes available to reach to your destination.
Beside the traditional transportation of bus and taxies, there is fast moving Skytrain (BTS) and underground MRT railways to connect major tourist and business centers in the city.

Here is a tour guide to help you get around and about the city, especially if you are in a rush to reach to your interview venue on time.

Taxis, moto-taxi and Public Transport:

Taxis: At any time of the day Bangkok taxies are the most easily available transportation. The vibrant and colorful taxies of Bangkok have earned itself quite fame as tourist friendly, affordable transportation option. These are air-conditioned, mostly new cabs and go to almost anywhere in Bangkok.
The motorcycle taxies are excellent for beating the traffic. You can recognize the driver from their numbered vests. These motorcycle taxies ply between the thoroughfares. If you are looking to make a quick journey to somewhere in Bangkok these can be an excellent option.
Buses and trams: The buses and trams are the two major pillars of public transportation system of Bangkok. The city can boast about excellent connectivity through bus routes and these are routinely available. The public buses are the most affordable mode of transportation in the city.
The public buses in Bangkok are managed by Bangkok Mass Transit Authority. You can get information on bus routes and fares from their website. The starting fare is usually 10B or 12B and increases with the distance.
BTS Skytrain: The Skytrain is the most convenient way to travel around Bangkok. These are modern and fast. Check the Routes and fares from their website.

There are two Skytrain lines:

• Silom Line: It runs from west to south
• Sukhumvit Line: Connects between northern and eastern parts of the city


The train stations are strategically built to connect all the major business, shopping and activity centers of Bangkok. The minimum fare is 16 baht for one stop. Most people working and living in Bangkok prefer to travel by BTS trains to avoid the peak hour traffic of the city. Get hold of a BTS route map if you want to enjoy best travelling experience in Bangkok.
Bangkok underground:

MRT Bangkok Underground: Fast and convenient mode of mass transport. The Mass Rapid Transit network (MRT) is stretched between eighteen stations and connect all the important locations of the city. The trains are scheduled to match the timing of BTS trains so that passengers have no difficulty in catching connecting trains. have very moderm trains, with air conditioner. Check the Routes and fares from their Website.