Renewing your work permit

Unlike some other countries in the world obtaining a work permit in Thailand isn’t difficult. The department of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare manages and controls issuance of work permit to foreign national under the Alien Business Act. Under the Alien Occupation Law, adopted in 1973, all foreigners are required to obtain Work Permit from a Thai embassy located outside of Thailand before starting to work.
In order to apply for a work permit one is required to apply for Non-immigrant Class “B” Business Visa from a Thai Embassy or Consulate located outside Thailand. The Alien Occupation Law states that the foreigner can’t start working in Thailand before receiving the work permit.
thaiembassylondon Initially the work permit is issued for the duration the foreign national is allowed to stay in Thailand under his non-immigrant visa. But it can be renewed and extended if the foreigner decides to extend his stay in Thailand and get his visa extended.
The work visa can be extended with submission of proper support documents that will ensure that the immigrant is required to stay for a longer duration. If you are planning to renew your work permit do it before the existing one expires or else it will get terminated automatically.
While applying or reapplying for the work permit you must ensure that your occupation doesn’t fall under the list of prohibited occupations in Thailand. Foreign nationals aren’t allowed to take up the vocations listed under the prohibited category. The Thai department of labor is now enforcing minimum salary barriers to foreign nationals to renew or extend their work permit in Thailand.
Given below is a list of important documents required for extending your work permit for one year.
• Applicant’s passport both original and copy
• One recent photo of 4 x 6 cm
• Both original and copy of existing work permit
• Original copy of company affidavit and shareholders’ list
• Copy of company’s annual audit report
• Copy of the annual tax submission certified by the Revenue Department
• Copy of map showing the location of the company
• Certified copies of Por. 30 for the 3 previous months
• Six to eight photographs of the company showing its building, nameplate, employee working during office hours and surrounding
• Certified copies of employees Social Security Fund return for three months
Foreigners holding Thai Certificate of Residence can get their work permit renewed annually. You may contact the Consulate or get in touch with the company’s human resource department to get assistance in applying for Thai Work Permit renewal.