Suits and Bangkok weather



Am I expected to wear a suit to office daily?

This question may occur to many foreign nationals working in Thailand. In the western hemisphere one is often expected to wear business suit to offices daily. Wearing suites is comfortable in the northern cool climate. But it may not make a good choice in the tropical climate of Thailand.

Tropical weather

Because of its location Thailand enjoys tropical weather. Thailand is generally warm year round with occasional rainfalls. Even during the winter the temperature doesn’t drop much. Most visitors will find Thailand climate hot irrespective of the time of their visit. Thailand records high rainfall because of its tropical weather. It often rains during the afternoon.

The climate

The climate is humid with average temperature remaining at 30˚ Celsius. Months between December and February are the cooler months and most tourists prefer this period to visit Thailand. During the rainy season (May to October) short showers are common during the afternoon though it can also rain all-day in some places. From March to May are the hottest months and the weather becomes really warm and humid.

Outfits al year around

You will find most Thai wearing semi-formal outfit throughout the year to their workplaces. Most offices in Thailand do not require the employees to wear business suite to the office. So, you can comfortably slip in a semi-formal linen garment. But to avoid confusion ask your employer about dress codes. Most Thais dress conservatively – men wearing long-sleeve shirts and women wearing dresses that are not too revealing.

If your profile requires you to wear suits select from very lightweight wool or linen materials. Choose colors that are cooler like – pale grey, tan etc. Avoid suites with lining inside. Choose from the wide variety of breathable fabric so that you don’t feel uncomfortable in them during the hot summer months. Don’t wear tie unless you are asked to do so.

It gets really hot during the summer so you can also adjust your dresses according to the climate. However, wearing long-sleeve shirts actually offers protection against the heat during summer.

Choice of your dress code would depend upon your trade or position in company’s hierarchy. Many executives at the managerial level wear suites to office. Dresses play a very crucial role in Thai culture since it signifies your position and status in the society. You are likely to receive best treatment if you are dressed well. It will also earn you respect from fellow Thais.

Thailand is the place to find a good tailor made suit


The tailoring here is one of the most prolific in the world and very reasonable price, from around 6000 baht, you will find a lot stores and different qualities, you could have a look at before deciding which one is the best for yourself about price and fabrics they offer. The secret is fittings and time.