Getting a Thai work visa

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Working in Thailand offers great opportunities before foreigners. You can soak into the vibrant culture of this colorful Asian country while enjoying a rewarding career. IT jobs in Bangkok are highly sought after even by foreigners.
Even a few years back, working in Thailand without a proper work permit was allowed. But things have changed significantly since.

How it works?

Now a foreigner willing to work in the country is required to ful fill quite a few legal requirements. The government has also imposed restrictions on companies in employing foreign recruits.
Both domestic companies as well as multinational corporate hire foreigners time to time. In order to work in Thailand you are required to obtain a work permit. Foreigners, if found functioning in the kingdom of Thailand without a legal work permit, may face some severe consequences including fine, imprisonment and/or deportation. Getting work permit in Thailand, however, involves some formalities, which we have discussed in detail in this post.
Hiring foreign resources would depend upon the company’s registered capitalization, i.e.
2 million baht fully paid-up registration capital for Thai businesses
Foreign business however must be prepared to pay 3 million baht for each foreign employee

In addition to the above conditions organizations also need to fulfill conditions associated with certain number of Thai workers for each foreign professional. Apart from the companies approved relaxation by BOI (Thailand Board of Investment), organizations can issues up to 10 work visas for foreign professionals and for each work permit the company must ensure at least four Thai employees.
Issuance of work permit for foreigners is managed by the Ministry of Labor under Section 8 of the Alien Business Act. The act states that a work permit to a foreigner can only be issued when he enters Thailand. The worker must possess Non-immigrant B visa to receive work permit.
If you get a job offer before reaching Thailand your company must also send you the required forms to apply for immigrant visa. You can also visit Thailand without Non-immigrant B visa and stay for ninety-days but in order to obtain work permit during this period you’d require to complete certain formalities. Both the visa and the work permit can be extended upto one year if required.
Foreigners coming to Thailand under tourist visa can also apply for work permit once they convert their Non-Immigrant O visa into Non-immigrant B visa. You are required to apply for the visa in another country. Thai embassies in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong normally accept and process these applications. You can check for more information the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Requirements to apply for a work permit in Thailand

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If you are considering web jobs in Bangkok here is the information for applying for a work permit.


  • Duly filled work permit application along with job description and map, showing the location of the company
  • Explanation letter about why the company is hiring you
  • Detailed resume of the applicant in either English or Thai explaining candidate’s educational qualification
  • Valid passport
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Six photographs
  • A medical certificate not more than six months old ensuring applicant’s physical and mental competence
  • 10 baht stamp duty
  • The company must also provide documents such as – company registration certificate, shareholders list, factory license, VAT certificate, and Withholding Tax.