Job Vs Career

People often differentiate whether they are looking for a career position or a job, which can sometimes cause a little confusion. What is a job for someone may actually be a career for someone else.

Deciding whether to look for a job or career position may not be an easy choice, especially if you are torn between earning money and setting long term goals. To help you decide which path to take here’s our breakdown of jobs Vs careers:



If your main priority is to earn money quickly and easily then what you are looking for is a job. When finding a job the hours and money are your main priority and you’re looking for something which is ready to hire quickly and soon.

Career positions are less about how much money you will earn from day one and more about the opportunity to grow, learn, and build up your skills and experience.

With a career position you can show more patience in finding employment and look more at earning potential over the starting wage.

Your resume


If you’re looking to build on your resume then you’re not looking for a job. A job is typically something somewhat unrelated to your education and future goals, and won’t have a great impact on how your resume develops and future job applications you make.

With that said, having a job for a period of time does look better on your resume than being unemployed, and it certainly won’t do your resume any damage.

A career position on the other hand is something that you can build your resume around. This is a position which is related to you education and past experiences, and is taking you in the direction or industry you wish to be in for years to come.




When it comes to networking a job is something which will typically offer few to no networking opportunities. 

Through a job you may well make a lot of social connections and make some valuable relationships, but if you’re looking for connections to a certain industry you should be more focused on a career position.

Careers are all about networking and working alongside likeminded people. When looking for a career, who you are working with and for is often far more important than the wages you’ll earn, or even the job role.

Career positions are usually more about getting your foot in the door, and putting yourself in a position to network with industry leaders and influential people.

One isn’t better than the other



To put it simply, a job is something you do primarily to earn money with less concern about advancing your career, while a career position is something you take with one eye firmly on the future, and with more concern over potential earnings and personal development than on your starting position and opening wage.

With that all said, taking a job is not necessarily a worse decision than taking a career position. Depending on your goals and needs a job can sometimes be more appropriate.

Jobs are usually much easier and quicker to secure than career positions and often require a less specific skill set and education.

If you have been unemployed for some time it’s often better for your resume to be working than to continue to be out of work, not to mention the fact you’ll be earning and saving more money.

While a career may be a better move for your future, jobs can also give you new sets of experiences and even let you learn unique skills and test out different industries.

What to look for in a job


When looking for a job you’re typically looking for something you can do, or learn to do in a short period of time. You may already have a set of basic skills and experiences that will help you get the job but you won’t be expecting to go on month long training courses.

Ideally you want to go in above the ground level and start working and earning money pretty quickly.

As a job you want to be able to complete your role successfully without a great deal of stress and anguish, and you certainly don’t want to have problems with your boss or colleagues.

Whether you are looking for something short term or long term, a job isn’t something you want to take over your life, so you want to find something with limited the responsibilities and not something with the potential to cause you stress which will affect your life outside of your work.

What to look for in a career


less worried about the hours and clocking

When assessing a career position you want to look at the long term goals. Starting wage and your role or title at the company is obviously important, but more important is what the company can offer you in terms of development, experience and learning. Is there room for promotion and pay raises? Will there be on the job training? Will you be part of a graduate program?

A career position is something you want to commit too for the long term, meaning that it may take over your life somewhat, and even effect your home life and out of work relationships.

It should be something you are willing to invest a lot of emotional energy into, less worried about the hours and clocking off, and more interested in getting the job done to the best of your ability, and learning how to do it better next time.

Making a job a career


What is a job for one person may well be a career for someone else, and in some cases, what starts out as a job may develop into a career:

A job as an office administrator for a real estate agency may be seen by many as something they can do quite easily and earn money without any stress.

As long as it doesn’t require any great technical skills and doesn’t bring along a great deal of responsibility someone could see this as a good job, to earn money, meet new people, and have the freedom to do other things outside of work. They will go into the job doing what they are told, making sure to get the job done and keep the boss happy, and collecting their pay check at the end of each month.

Someone else may see this same job as a starting point for their career. If they have a passion for real estate and want to develop a career in this industry, then an office admin job in a real estate agency is an ideal starting point.

As well as performing the tasks to do their job they’ll also get the opportunity to learn about the business and industry first hand. Rather than just getting the job done they will try to go the extra mile and impress their boss, aiming to climb the ladder into a better position and gain more responsibility.

In some cases a person may enter a job with the first mentality and grow a passion for the role. After this they may start to take the second route and try to develop a career in the industry from this point.  The point is that whether a job is just a job or a career position often comes down to your own goals and attitude.

Whether to go for a job or a career

Whether you should be looking for a job

Whether you should be looking for a job or a career is simply down to you, your current position and needs, and your long term goals.

If you’re a graduate looking to quickly pay off your debts you may actually prefer a job first, something you can put a lot of hours into without too much stress and pay off your student loans while planning for the long term.

Alternatively you may have worked several jobs and be not so desperate for money, instead looking more at a long term goal and finding work which you have a passion for, and so what you need is a career position which you can invest a lot of time and energy into.Trying to work out what is best for you may not be that simple. You may be torn between earning money and avoiding stress, and starting a career with long term goals.

You may even find that you need a job while you look for a career, something you can do to earn you a living, but something which also offers you freedom to looking for a career opportunity.